Watching Him Go - Faceless 1

"I can't do anything..."
These were the words I thought of while I put up a front as I let him slip from my hands. I wanted to do so much for him but he didn't give me the chance. Before I could think of something to say, he was already gone. Though I screamed and asked him to come back in my thoughts, I never did anything to keep him by my side. Was it fear? Maybe, but I stood there, speechless, expressionless... And I watched as he happily threw away the love that grew in my heart.
Hey guys!
I wanted to keep this a secret until I posted my next video, but I can't! So, I'll post the shots before I upload any videos (I promise those are coming very soon)! This series is about me, tbh. I have trouble remembering anyone's face... The only exception is if I've known you for a long time, even then, my memory of people's faces kind of sucks. The way I remember people is by the actual form of their entire body or the way they walk (weird, I know). I wanted to do something to help me express my frustration and I came up with this "Faceless Series."
Not only is this about my problem, but it's to help me grow as a person and an artist. I have always wanted to put together a book, and the passages I will put along with the drawings are part of them (so, please, please, don't steal them). I want to study with colors and lighting. As you can tell in this one, my source of lighting isn't really good. With time and patience, I will work towards being a humbled and well-rounded artist. I hope you all will help me to improve my art along the way!

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(When I upload the video, I'll update with a link to the speedpaint/voiceover!)

Please do not steal or repost this anywhere!

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