About a month ago, the trailer for Rogue One was released.  I have been so excited about this movie for so long, and I was elated to see it looked just as good as I hoped it might.  Then a certain youtube user by the name of Matthew Longua, made a mashup of the trailer with the song Sabotage by the Beastie Boys.  (You can find the trailer here and by extension his channel!) 

I lost my mind.  I lost my mind for about 12 hours and made a campaign inspired by the trailer.  WATCHWORD is a SWRPG campaign that uses rules from the three core rule books, and will focus on the themes of Trust, Death, Sacrifice, and the Value or Lack Thereof that we choose to place in Life.

Join me.  Let's make a story!

(The link is in "story!"...  It is dropbox.  We'll see how this method works for distributing content!  Please give feedback!)