Water and Creativity
Today at the summer cottage, I admired the beautiful green sea, and how sun played on its wave in tiny specks of light, and I remembered how important water is to my creativity.

As a child I was a private person, and had a little play house. I spent hours there, alone, sitting by the small table made of three boards, writing and drawing. The window showed the sea - the bay leading to the tiny village with its medieval church. Boats traveled past my window. The sea glittered behind my favorite tree - a weather beaten birch with its branches forming a gateway to the pier.

If I was not sitting at the play house, I was either walking in the forest, or most often on the pier. I lay there, peeking through the boards to see the fish swimming underneath. A muskrat had made its nest on the bank and if I lay very still, it swam underneath the pier without noticing me. I listened to the sound of the waves, and the wind whispering in the reeds. I admired the play of light on water. Ducks and swans swam by, and with luck I could admire the great crested grebe before it noticed me and was gone in a splash.

In the evenings I lay on the pier with my head hanging down so that I could see both the sky and the sea at the same time. If the sea was calm, I could see the stars reflected on it - it gave me a feeling of floating in space.

Then I returned to my play house and wrote some more. I soon learned to go near water if I got stuck with a plot. And it still works. Watching the sea, going swimming, taking a shower or a bath. Drinking water also invigorates my imagination. Even a picture of water has the same effect and so I often take pictures of water. Here's one I took today - I love the way the sunlight dances of the little waves - it almost looks like fairy dust.

So my favorite element is water. It is supposed to be symbol of subconscious. I don't wonder why. 

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