This is a destiny: to be an artist, to be an inspirator. This is Rossi – a magical woman, reborn witch with a black cat and broom parked on the balcony of the studio. 

In a search for something, following mysterious ways, you can see her smile reflected in the colourful works shown here.
But if you really want to meet, go to Varna on the beutiful sea of Bulgaria  or write her a message. With easy she will inspire you imagination, the hidden poetry will expand and soon you will be addicted to the colours and freedon shown in her paintings. 

Her friends call it “kind of magic”. We call it great ART!

Take a look at rosi-art.com and support her atelier with sum fo lighinngs, canvas and  paints. You will receive a personal message and nice copy of one painting on your email. 

See you!