Watercolor Feathers
This video is also available now on my YouTube Channel :)
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Real Time Videos/ Pencil Sketches for Download and many more perks
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1. You will have access to 2-4 New REAL TIME videos (30min-2hrs+ ) per month so you can follow me 1:1. 

* Real time Videos are posted on Fridays.

(Please NOTE: not all videos on YOUTUBE become REAL TIME Videos on Patreon)

* Real time videos DO NOT have a voiceovers.

(Real time videos mean full versions of videos that you see on YouTube)

A lot of these Videos (not all) appear first on Patreon before they make it to YouTube as a "short version" (only Short/Speed up/Cut versions are available on my YT Channel average 15min long. Real time videos are only available on Patreon). 

2. You will have access to my short “painting tips” videos, SOME (not all) with a VO, and regular posts where sometimes I share tips such as how to create your own Quinacridone Gold... and my ideas. You can search for these posts under a tag: "watercolor tips"

3. You will have access to view/download my Pencil Sketches.

Pencil Sketches are Print ready for the available Real Time Videos and majority of the videos already posted on my Youtube Channel. All you have to do is download and print it on your watercolor paper.  

(Pretty much all available pencil sketches since March 2017 and up)

Most of the time I also offer darker version of my pencil sketches - for those of you that like to trace them or create their own drawings.

4. You will have all the info on colors, brands, papers, brushes I use in a video, either a real time video on Patreon, or a regular video I post on my YT Channel etc. 

5. You will be able to use a picture of my finished painting as your reference. You will also be able to see videos of pencil sketches (if available).

6. You will be able to see my reference photos (if any) if taken by me or I will share links (I use a website called pmp-art.com )

7. You will be able to share your own work (pictures) in our Patreon Community. You can post your own thoughts, questions, comments and pictures of your paintings.


8. Every couple weeks I share my "most recent paintings" under a "preview" post/tag, this is where you get to help me choose 2 paintings that will become real time videos.

9. Before I post videos to my YouTube Channel I try to share with you pencil sketches (if applicable), color swatches , what supplies you will need. 

My Patreons help me decide which paintings become real time videos.

Please note again as this is often misunderstood:

Real time videos do not have Voiceovers. 

My online classes at: maria-raczynska.teachable.com have Voiceovers. Those are real online classes where I talk through the entire class.

My website: www.mariamorjane.com

You can find there: "My Art Supplies" section.

I don't delete any posts from Patreon, so you will have access to everything as long as you are part of our Patreon Community. 

*To search for older posts the fastest way is to use tags. 

For example: "real time video", "pencil sketch", "tall ship", "fox" etc

Either way if you are a beginner or advanced in watercolors I would love for you to join us!

Just Support your Creator :) Plus everything else under $6 Tier
$20 or more per month
This tier is simply created if you feel like giving a little bit more. I have received many messages from my lovely patrons why don't I charge more than $6 a month? 

I want my content to be affordable, available to everyone but creating requires a lot of time and money. The more involved I became with Youtube, Patreon, Instagram, running my website and of course painting, recording, editing, camera, external drives, lights, supplies etc the more support I need. I never liked the idea of donations but if you are already my Patron, this is just an option to give more :) xx

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