Watercolor class!
Hey guys - I owe you an apology! I planned to have the wc class out to you first for a day or two prior to the rest of the world getting to register and get supplies....but late last night I got a message that all but 3 class supply items were finally in stock, so I decided to rush getting registration opened. I was REALLY hoping to get all lessons finished before December since folks get busy but....you can't control manufacturers, unfortunately. :(  

So be sure to head over and get signed up to at least nab supplies while items are still in stock; there's a lot of some of them, but a few only got partial shipments so far. I did ask Ellen if we can keep the discount code open til the end of class and she graciously said yes - so you can get things later :) :) :) 

Hugs to all!Sandy 

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