Watercolor Paint-Alongs continue
The entire month of August is dedicated to the adventures of WATERCOLOR! I am enjoying my "play" and I hope you are too.

Last week we did the tree and this week it was these two sunflowers - one flower, two ways.

If you played along, be sure to tag me so I can see!

Next week we are trying something SWEET! Stay tuned Patreon Supporters for a sketch you can download and play along with me next Tuesday. Not registered for it yet? No worries, you can sign in and get reminder emails RIGHT HERE: Kraaft It LIVE! 


My dear friends,  

Instagram LIVE is so fun - doing the daily art practice has been just what the doctor ordered. I recommend you get out something and play each and every day and I request you join us Monday through Friday 9 am Mountain Time (11 am Eastern, 10 am Central, 8 am Pacific) on the Kraaft Shaak Instagram page. When on a mobile device, the KS logo will show differently that we are live. OR turn on notifications so you don't miss it! You can join in your jammies if it's early - we won't know!

You may or may not know - but we are selling everything we have ever owned! We are now past our first yard sale (we did well, but we still have a bunch left and MUCH of our stuff we currently use as well to get rid of!) we are now looking ahead to our very first REAL TRIP in the "adventure mobile" 

This trip is not a #KSontheGO trip, however. This is a "family reunion of sorts/20th anniversary - just Mr. K and I" trip! This means that the Kraaft It LIVE! show will take a small break - NO EPISODES August 29 or September 5!!!

We will return with ONLY TWO EPISODES in September as we will spend the later half of the month transitioning from the apartment into the motorhome and have a final yard sale.

Going out this week - I am sending EACH AND EVERY PERSON something in the mail...yes, even those of you who insist I should not do so. I want to! I have a little something for each person and I hope you will enjoy it - and, let me know when it arrives :)

The final bit of news is that I have started a new job - this job has opened up some options for us to go on the road even more confidently and securely than we had thought we would be able to do. It also means, during my training period, I am working VERY LONG and VERY EARLY hours. I am super excited about this and I can't wait to elaborate more on ALL OF THE NEWS we have to share in a video very VERY soon.  I appreciate your patience on this part as it has been difficult not only to find the time, but the courage to sit down and discuss it all. 

It has been overwhelming how God has opened door after door and wide enough that if we didn't step in, we might fall in! So we are stepping - IN FAITH - and that is very hard to put into words! So, I will get to a video, I promise...and I hope it will be in the next few days. 

Okay gang - you know the drill... Have a kraafty day!