Watercolor set - DIY
Hello, everyone.

How was your week?

Here things are going insane with baby teething! Oh my! Nobody told me this was so hard and sad. I almost cry with my baby when I see his suffering.

But, with teeth, he also learned to run.

Then, picture this: me, crazy, messy hair, no sleep and with a running todler. LOL

Yeah! At least we are having fun :D

I also started editing another little time-lapse to post here for you guys. I hope you are all liking my posts, because I´m certaining loving making them. It´s the best part of my week, when I can sit an plan my Patreon posts.

And I saw I have some new subscribers. Tnx so much, all of you, who likes and trusts my work at this point to supporting me. Each one of you make a huge difference in my life. Each one who support me here, is another step for me to produce more material, like step-by-steps and this little time-lapses.

And for today, it´s a tip I give to all my students.

We all know how expensive art materials can be, so, for watercolors, I always said that they don´t need a full watercolor set, with a gazilion of colors and etc, etc, etc.

They only need a few basic colors and a little tin :)

For this one I am posting here for you, I used a double face tape, I don´t know in english if that´s the name, but it´s a normal tape, and it glues on both sides.

But recently I discovered a better way. You can put some white glue, and it´s even better than the tape.

I hope you like this tip. I´ll make a post about my favorite colors very soon ;)

Btw, what would you like to see here? I would love to have some feedback.


Have a great week


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