Waterfall Scene Progress!
"The sound of the waterfall is all you can hear.  You've heard legends of the creatures that live in the caves behind it.  After focusing for a moment, you see a faint shadow moving slowly behind the falling water.  You don't think it notices you.  What do you do?"

I've made some progress on the waterfall Living Battle Map.  This part has been a little slow going as I've been creating some shaders for water.  That slowness now will help in the long run, though, as I can use this for all kinds of flowing liquids now with ease!  Lava!  Acid! Sewage (ew)!

One challenge I'm having is figuring out if and how I should handle indicating height.  Maybe it's more versatile to let the DM/GM decide, and not really indicate anything?  Then again sometimes it's nice to have some sort of elevation overlay.   What do you think?