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EDIT **I LEFT OUT KAMALA HARRIS** that wasn’t on purpose. i’m going to upstate this post and flip out a comment down there - if you’re feeling harris ... just heart that comment. sorry about that. i tried. 

the international folks can sigh and ignore the poll....but i am MIGHTY curious to see where y'all people are leaning now that joe biden is in the race officially and the croquet field of democratic presidents is pretty much flamingo'd. WHERE YOU AT? please feel free to comment liberally (or.....conservatively) about what's on your mind regarding the 2020 election. and WOULD YOU FUCKIN BELIEVE THAT THE MAXIMUM NUMBER OF POLL OPTIONS IS 21 and there are 21 CANDIDATES *cue twilight zone theme*....

meant to be, people.

i don't assume all of my patrons are democrats - i'm sure many of you are...but. many may be independent, republican or green/rainbow, etc.....if you're planning to vote otherwise, let's get it going in the comments and tell us why. i'm wide open to having good conversations - i've voted all over the map all my life. i'm still registered as independent (shocking, i know). 


greetings from a hotel bed in the DC washington hilton, my roommate laurie penny & i are both doing email and work catch-up between podcasting and dinner.

thank you for your comments yesterday....read them all and folded some into the podacst today.

the taping of the samantha bee "not the white house correspondents dinner" last night was amazing, i'll post everything up in one big blog....but here's a quick red carpet shot (it was actually a pink carpet: i called it the vagina carpet) and a shot of me & laurie & me & ms. bee. 


btw....SAM B KILLED IT. watching people do live newly-scripted seat-of-the-pant comedy is really fucking thrilling and i forget how much i love it. it was like watching an SNL taping...whatever happens happens...it's live TV.

here's the airing info for tonight (April 27): it's at 10pm/9 pm central on TBS....

if you're near a TV or screen-type tonight, tune in..you may see me & laurie getting interviewed on the red/pink/vagina carpet, and you'll get to see the amazing "my fair lady"-themed  "THE RACIST DID RACISM WHICH WAS RACIST" song that had everybody pretty much on their feet. sigourney weaver filmed a very fucking funny alien-themed journalist joke video, there were lots of very very satirical and very necessary jabs at trump, the white house and the STATE OF NEWS.....and robert deniro gave the send-off speech, which was pretty great...

.....except he had a hard time reading the teleprompter and gads i hope they have time today to clean it up fer broadcast. poor robert. :(

here's the washington post's review:



this morning laurie and i woke up and headed straight into podcasting....you can't shut either of us up....so we went on, and on, and on....hopefully i'll be able to fast-track this one out, because it's timely.

discussed just off the top of my head:

the internet, deep fakes, feminism, anxiety, the state of journalism, mammals and how we respond to threat and opportunity, what words mean and how it changes, abortion...and seven or eight other things i'm forgetting. 


also....the TRUE true reason for my trip didn’t reveal itself until i got here. at 3 pm yesterday i heard a familiar voice say “amanda..?” incredulously in the lobby of the washington hilton. it was my beloved cousin judith fagin, who is here in the same hotel, totally coincidentally, for a holocaust organization event. she was only wandering by that part of the lobby because she was lost (to be fair, it is a seriously disorienting hotel shaped like two donuts smashed together).

and? it’s her birthday today. we had a perfect accidental birthday breakfast and i love her so goddamn much.

not all who wander are lost.

i love you judith. happy birthday.

love from the hotel, and more soon.....

by the way, don't forget that laurie is on patreon as well.

her ability to fund her independent journalism is just as important to her as my ablity to fund my independent songs, projects and podcasts.....so show her some patron love. she's doing really wonderfully....she's got 640 patrons and her posts are really fantastic food for thought (and i often comment over there, it's a good crowd).





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