Waves and life
 The ocean was nowhere near calm. We were by the shore of an open sea with waves almost my size.

We had to stick close to shore or else the waves might pull us under.  It struck me that the ocean really is like our lives. Life also has waves. 

Some waves are huge & some are manageable but both shakes you either way. You just need to stand your ground, even if you did fall...you just got wet, you ain't dead. Get up.             

Due to the drag, the earth you're stepping on will likely vanish burying your feet an inch deep. 


Walk to a firmer ground. 

The ocean had a wide stretch of shallow water. From the shore there's about a twenty five meter knee/thigh-high water before the deep slope where most of the big waves fold in.

Despite our lack of reliable swimming skills, we braved the ocean. We stayed around the fifteen-meter imaginary mark because that was all our bravery can manage. We goofed around and played tag with the waves. We floated on ankle-high water... we linked arms and waited for a big wave to come and fell together on impact. 

Some waves are strong enough to bring you down. You need to stand up. 

Some gives you a hard time standing up... Never stop trying.  Then my friend told me to turn my back and time a fall backwards. He said that when the wave comes, ride it. 

I did. 

You know what happened?

I got back to my feet, no effort required.  You see, a wave might push you down but it can also help you up. 

You just have to know how to deal with it. 

You get to know by experiencing and discovering it by yourself or have the right people help you out. 

This day on the beach has been awesome. 

On this day we all got scratches on our knees and sunburns and ate sand accidentally and we all fell down and all of us laughed and rose together.