Waves from Almeria

Almeria is a costal town in Spain, where the late Antonio de Torres Jurado, one of the finest luthiers of all times built guitars according to his own design in the second half of the 19th century. Torres’ modifications made his guitars sound so different and superior to previous designs that his guitar became the standard classical spanish guitar as we know it today.

This piece is my first subtle attempt to blend the object with it’s own image. The bridge on the painting is a real bridge, well, a bit more than a half of it anyway, with a saddle and the strings are made of hemp.

Acrylic painting on barnwood board. Size 7″ x 30″., board is 0.7″ thick, thickest point is 1.2″ at the bridge (18 x 76 cm, board is 1,8 cm thick, thickest point is 3 cm at the bridge). It has a real bridge portion attached and the hemp “strings” fastened by four wood screws at the top.
The surface of the painting is finished with shellac.

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