Wavesfactory - VQ Drums
Wavesfactory put out quite frankly one of the best sounding kits I've ever heard yesterday, and I was privileged to provide a few (15!) presets for it, ranging from disgustingly lofi to pristine and tight. The kit was put together from a range of vintage drums, including a splash from 1920 and includes additional sub frequency and noise samples to enhance the kick and snare (both of which can be controlled and turned off completely for a more raw sound). The kit also includes two different beaters for the kick (felt and plastic), two rides and two snares.

For an example of how it sounds in situ, listen to the following demo (it uses the "Give Me Some Room" preset, additional compression, no additional EQ or reverb - still cuts through a fairly busy mix with ease):


It's currently on sale for €24.95, but will go up to €49 on November 30th (cyber Monday - I strongly suspect while it goes up, a lot of the others will go down ;D ) so grab it now.

Ciao o/