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The Way Back, page 18
We get some more allusions to the worldbuilding in this page - mention of the apergion drives that power skyfaring ships in the Empyrean, and of the Naacal (which I misspelled, go me), the civilization that developed the technology that built them. I'm trying very hard to avoid any huge expositional information dumps in the dialogue (I say, right after posting that discussion that Noe and Hower were having in which I dumped a lot of information in the dialogue) and trying to focus, for the moment, on the characters, and leave the impression of a great big world beyond them as something that you get these brief glimpses of. I think that trying to describe the whole thing all at once will diminish it - what you can't see, what I am not telling, leaves more room for curiosity and imagination to do the heavy lifting for me.
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