The Way of the Dark Kin - An Editorial
It is almost midnight.

The time ticks closer to the new day, and I just finished a very fun game against Jared a fellow Patron! He brought his KDK to the studio and the game was a blast. I chose to run a plain... run of the mill... dark eldar... army.

And I loved it.

After a few hours of playing, the dust settled on the battle field... and many dark eldar lay dead. And I loved it. I have not played with a MSU style dark eldar list in such a long time, using allies to fill the gaps against the enemy armies.  Usually a list with a lot of the same units would have felt dull to me... but I must admit! it was quite the fresh air concept... The speed... the firepower... and the blatant disregard for any life... everything is expendable!

What is a list that makes you feel like home?

What is the army that fills you with comfort?

Make sure you stay tuned to the batrep! - Patrons got an exclusive Facebook video as a pregame show.