The Way to San Jose

Long time no see, y'all! April is more than half gone, and I have been a little scarce due to taxes, and two out of town trips. I've gotten to chat with some of you on twitter, but I've missed being here. Welcome to some new patrons: Betsy Tinney  and Gwen Knighton (Do check out their bodacious Patreon pages!), Christopher M., and Rebecca N.! And thank all of you who have joined this Patreon-train at various times over this past year.

May is the year anniversary of this venture, and I've got to tell you, writing music for you guys has really helped me stay upbeat and motivated throughout the winter. This is the best winter I've had since leaving Mobile, AL. Thank you so much! (I would like to now fill up the next three lines of text with emoji hearts, but I won't. Because there is more to say.)

This past weekend. I flew out to San Jose to stay with the Bohnhoff's, so we could finish recording my vocals, piano, and a wee bit of clarinet for my new solo album: Scattering Seeds on the Pomegranate Tour. This album is a return to one of my favorite themes, mythology--mostly Greek. It's a bit darker than the previous gaming album Acolytes of the Machine but also rocking and silly. I do not shy away from the silly . . . or the sad as it happens. There are fourteen tracks of this pomegranate tour, and they range in subjects from coffee, to mad science murder ballad, to caffeinated Lovecraftian mad science, to feeling the autumn in the summer, courting one's muse, craving apples for the Fairest, to being worried about your parents' happiness and your own mortality.

So here are three statements of intent for the coming months:

1) I'm going to try really hard to finish and post at least one of the songs I've been writing before April is over. The soulwriter2 prompts this month did not disappoint, and I've got two mostly finished songs. But, I am about to have my brain eaten by a big thing and a medium thing.

2) The medium thing is a music video for "M is for Magic Missile." I filmed some adorable wizards dancing at Emerald City Comic Con. Well. Not the actual con. Jeri Lynn and Alexis danced for the camera after we played a session of Brooke's Construction Paper D&D (famed in song and video this time with bonus Greg and Miss Honey Bee!) Torrey, vixy, Seanan (newly on Patreon writing fiction!), and Fishy also performed magnificently in some wizardly video clips, and I've begun to edit already. But I need to get more footage from people. Some of you I've talked to already, but then I went radio silent for almost three weeks. The deadline for wizard footage will be May 30th.

a) Dress in your interpretation of a wizardly fashion; b) dance for the camera while pretending to shoot magic missiles; c) ask me for more specific ideas involving letters if you want your wizard footage to be shown during a verse.

3) [Deep breath . . .] Ok.  the big thing: My Kickstarter for the new album launches on May 18th  and ends June 22nd. Amy McNally (also now on Patreon--woot!) helped me be a grown up, and started building my Kickstarter project for me, but there is so much more to do and people to email about various details. There will be fabulous rewards to help fund the album which is sounding amaaaaaazing! I love recording at Mystic Fig Studio. (Orange trees have ripe oranges on them there--just growing and blossoming and fruiting like it's no big deal!) The album's title is Scattering Seeds on the Pomegranate Tour. And I will probably be posting some bit about it every day for a few months.

The Kickstarter will help pay Jeff and Maya Bohnhoff for recording the album, pay for additional musicians to fly down and record their parts on various songs, pay Starr Weems for some Peppermint Ladies bookmarks she is creating especially for this project based on ideas dreamed up by the superb award-winning costumer Torrey Stenmark, pay for rights to use album art, pay for CD packaging design, finance CD reproduction (those naughty little devils!), and commission short story cover art. (I'll tell you more about that last thing tomorrow.)

I'm terrified and excited and delighted. Yup. That's me.

Love to all of you. SO. MUCH. LOVE. Y'ALL!!!!

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