Waymaker Chapter1 pg 11
Tier Benefits
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Kern Tier
$2 or more per month
You're just along for the ride, but like to help out when you can. You like to be in the know, and all you really want is some consistency in your life!

What you get:
-Access to behind the scenes work, sketches and concept art!

-Entry into our super cool Monthly Raffle!

-Access to Wryn's between chapter Travel Journals.

Wryn Tier
$5 or more per month
You have an appreciation for how things get done, and like being involved throughout the process!
Also, a little extra art from time to time always spruces up the place! 

What you get:
-All of the things from Kern Tier, plus:
-Access to the inked, pre-color pages! (after chapter 1)
-Access to the Desktop Background we will make with each new Arc of the story, as well as occasional mid chapter art!
-Access to "How To"s, and Art tutorials!
Darra, The Oak Tier
$8 or more per month
As a Mava who has seen generations of Kyroneels pass, you have a special understanding of time and patterns, almost as if you know things will happen before they do!

What you get:
-Everything from Wryn and Kern Tiers, plus:
-Updates A WHOLE WEEK earlier than anyone else!
-A personalized digital drawing from the artist!
Innocent Bystander Tier
$15 or more per month
Wow! Really? Thanks!
You're obviously very invested in this story, how about being IN it?!

-All previous tier rewards PLUS:
-Your NAME IN THE COMIC! There are so many background characters, and it's hard coming up with names for all of them - how about I just borrow yours? (Credit will be given to you in the blog post accompanying the page you "appear" in.)

$25 or more per month
OH. So you want to be THAT PERSON, do you?
How about THAT CAT?
In the Waymaker Chronicles, cats are what you might call an inter-dimensional species. They have 9 lives, and live them out in different worlds. Kern & Wryn will inevitably come across some repeating felines.

By pledging $25 a month, we will straight up make you (a cat version of you) a reoccurring character in the story. We'll even come to you for character design and personality preferences.

You also get everything from previous tiers!

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