The Ways of Heaven Vol One Immortal Path now available!
Hello Every one,

Let me introduce myself, I'm the author Larry A. Smith of The ways of Heaven series my handle is Goforth. In my spare time, I'm an avid reader of wuxia as well as biblical texts.  I began writing this series part time and have now decided to truly put my all into the work.

The concepts that I write about are familiar to those who have read biblical texts or wuxia novels. The system of cultivation take its inspiration from the concept that faith cultivation will lead to immortality as found in the Bible as well as the power tier systems that are a staple of wuxia novels.

The story  follows a young man Marcus Akim, as he stumbles upon the immortal path and begins his journey starting at the 1st level Holy Spirit realm of power.Marcus experiences trials and tribulations, much like those faced by Jesus as well as the charismatic wondering hero of wuxia. 

It's my sincere hope that you enjoy this series and walk the immortal path with Marcus as he uncovers The Ways of Heaven.