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We Are Satellites
Come with me, we're chasing dreams, making history. We'll find a way and a place to be. Far away, finding new memories. Time and space, like the dust they will blow away. We'll run on faith and we'll be okay. Watch the ground as it's fading away.

Up in the atmosphere, we can disappear. Hearts will collide.

I wrote this song with a couple of partners about 2 years ago. it was one of the things I am most proud to have been a part of.

I wrote it to remind me and remind all of us that there is so much more than meets the eye to all of us. That everything we are capable of is so much greater than we are aware of, because of the fact that we are not merely human. We are made of the same material stars are. Perhaps, we are what stars look like when they are looking back at themselves. I believe this.

Today I feel a bit sad. I know now I will need to go through with a litigation process, and will cost money. There is no way around this. I look back at all I have done, and know that it was for the good of myself, and for the good of all parties. I now have no choice. The only thing that ever held me back from doing this to begin with was money.

I don't have fees to pay for litigation at this time, although I do know that I will find a way to get them. We have tried to negotiate, but to no avail, they are not willing to compromise to find a mutual agreement on when my termination should end in their contract.

because of this, I need to go to court. With them. Defending the rights, the power of an artist. of the creator of the music. For the songs. And I will take a stand, and if I do this, I REALLY want to make a movement about this.

It may be 10's to 100's of thousands of dollars, but I am prepared to do whatever it takes.

I know that the universe, G-d, whatever you want to call it would not lead me down this route if it were for nothing.

but I either have choice 1. Go through with the court  or 2. Die locked in this contract unable to sign with anyone else including management, publishing and other team members.

Guess which one I choose?


I can no longer stay small because of fear of money. I am no longer limiting myself to being small, being afraid, deeming myself less than worthy.

I love you all so much. You have been on my side since the beginning, and I want you to know just how much your funds per month have been helping me. just how much your love every day helps me inside. Just knowing how much you support me makes it all okay.

I know i'll be okay.and that all came from you.

I love you. I wish I had more to give so I could make it up to you...but all I can do is just love you harder every day..

Always yours,