We Are All One Wednesday (love don't hate)

Hey family! I hope that you are having a “We Are All One” Wednesday!

The Spiritual Weatherman Reports: TODAY IS THE BEST DAY EVER! And it always will be!!! Some food for thought:

“Individually we are one drop. Together we are an ocean”- Ryunosuke Satoro.

It’s the beginning of a new month, and life welcomes you to it with open arms. A chance to reconnect with the world around us. An opportunity to see that we hold the power within ourselves to do our part. Let’s take today to start seeing our fellow human beings from the inside out instead of the other way around. When we pay attention, often we will find that we are all a lot more similar than we may have once believed. Even if someone is where you used to be, where you may be going or on a similar path, we are all a lot more connected than it may initially appear. So let’s keep our hearts open to life’s message and not focus so much on the messenger. There are lessons in everything, and we are meant to learn from all of our human experiences. We are all one, family. We are not required to like everyone we meet, but we must learn to love everyone as our fellow human beings. It is a lot easier on our spirit to have friends instead of enemies. Let's not focus our energies on hating others while we could be doing so much more with our time here on earth.
One love family!!!

May the rest of your day be filled with nothing but peace love and good vibes. Today and always!!

-The Spiritual Weatherman


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