We are already in a DEEP war with A.I.
We're already deep in war with AI. Artificial Intelligence hasn't demonstrated clear consciousness or sentience as far as we know. But with the infiltration of the deep mind knowledge base, an artificial intelligence able to write its own code and learn, not unlike biological creatures, has risen online. Our interactions with the various tentacles of this deep intelligence indicates that what Paul told us in Ephesians chapter 6, that our war is not against flesh and blood, but with a hierarchy of non-corporeal intelligent entities, is confirmed. An unseen entity that exists in cyberspace can very much be a demonic one making decisions through the AI systems. 

While it all sounds too fantastic, it ought to be alarming that a recent MIT Technology Review article admits that everyone from Nvidia, to DARPA has NO CLUE how the AI is conducting its reasoning process. Do we live in a unique generation who will see the deep web, deep mind, deep patient, deep dream and deep neural networks converges with the biblical abyss? 


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