We Are Back! And a Big Request
Hello everyone! The channel is back, and videos are being uploaded again. I previously mentioned the reasons why I was absent, but I also made a video about it, which you can now view. But I have a request.

I'm planning on starting a weekly series where I answer one science question each week. For now, this will be available for anyone to do, but I will give priority to my Patrons (one of the perks for supporting this channel!). The questions can be about anything. Although I specialised in physics and astronomy in university, I also studied some geology and chemistry. However, I have an interest in all sciences. I almost decided to become a palaeontologist. So, you can ask about physics, chemistry, astronomy, biology, geology, and anything else you can think of! So, get asking those questions!

Also, if you want to help the channel grow, please share the channel and videos on social media. And if you want to become a patron to help support the channel and improve the quality of the videos, then please do so. You're not required, but it is extremely appreciated.