We are close to paperback funding!

So with a few people needing to update their pledge, we are extremely close to funding a paperback print run! I'm hoping that a few people have been holding out until we are funded, as we have a long way to go to support a hardcover print run. 

I am currently 90 pages in (shooting for 100-150, so right on track). These pages are completely formatted and ready to go!  I've also modified the cover a bit, as per recommendations, and modified the title from "Quarterly" to a much more fitting "Archives". The archives label can apply to anything that is associated with this series of books and can basically go on forever!

For those of you that supported the Content Provider tier. Let me know what games or sections you are interested in. I will also shoot you a message 

Also, I have been reaching out to a lot of people in the industry for input on certain aspects of this book. I will have some awesome news in upcoming weeks as I've already confirmed a few people for some quotes!

As always, please support this if you are interested! Something I haven't mentioned before but I'm only doing small print runs based on the funding and moving on. So unless I get overwhelming requests for a 2nd printing, this will be it at this price and interested people will have to get a copy from a much more expensive on-demand print service, that is still TBD. Patreon is useful to allow everyone to get my books a lot cheaper than conventional means, however I cannot continue that price indefinitely. So if you can show your support by getting a book, I could do larger print runs! Thanks again for all the support!

~ Jeffrey Wittenhagen