We are officially a go!
Oh hai everyone! After much thought and extensive research, we have decided to officially share this Patreon page! 

Patronage will benefit the company immensely, as we have a big goal ahead of us: to have our own studio space where we can rehearse, create costumes and even offer classes for all of you that want to come and learn to tap! We need a space to have all our own that we can create new dances for you, film new videos, and even host fun events when we can.

Being able to afford the costs of traveling to many cons and shows has been made possible through our merch table sales and donations to the company, but adding a studio cost on top of that will take us further over the top than we can manage. We hope that by creating this Patreon, we can reach our goals and bring you even more awesome Noise than ever before.

Since you guys have done so much for us and have been there to support us at our shows all across the Eastern US, we have decided that we want to show our appreciation for you through the Patreon. All of our Patron levels have unique and personal bonuses that allow you all to get to know us even better and even get first access to videos and other new material we are putting together.

Please share our Patreon with anyone you feel would like to become a part of the Noise Complaint family. We can't wait to get to know you guys even better as we go!

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