We are going to win this battle and here’s why

Do you guys remember back when Vaxxed came out and I wrote an article about vaccine safety skepticism reaching a “tipping point?” The tipping point is the point at which consumers will drive the demand for vaccine change (as in, reject them) and we don't have to rely on lawmakers to protect us anymore. 

The consumer-driven tipping point is why we see growth hormone-free labeling in milk and Non-GMO Project labeling on food when there are no laws requiring them. Companies figured out that their products are passed over at a high rate if they don’t provide consumers with what they want. 

How does our movement fit into this?

There was a chain of events set into motion that began with Vaxxed being kicked out of Tribeca in April 2016. The media explosion landed Polly Tommey and Andrew Wakefield on the morning talk show circuit, which began to normalize the conversation around vaccine injury. Normalization is critical to achieving the tipping point.

The parents who have woken up to the hazards of vaccination--and are willing to go to great lengths to stop other children from suffering as theirs have--are not crazies, outliers, or fringe. They are the passionate, early adopters of a deeply-held belief-- of a knowing-- that is on the cusp of mass consumption.

Remember back before early 2016 it felt like there were only 500 of us in the country and we all knew each other? Appearing on local news, looking intelligent and ordinary is critical to recruiting new members to reach the tipping point. People came out of the shadows. They went to the movie. They started talking. They found each other on Facebook. They formed “Bring Vaxxed to XYZ town” groups in 2016 that transitioned to “Over my dead body will you pass this vaccine bill” groups in 2019. 

We coasted on that Vaxxed effect for three years while compliance rates dropped and exemptions rose. Then, Adam Schiff came along in February of this year and started chopping us off at the legs. Do you remember when we would wake up every single morning to more bullshit? Amazon, Google, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Congress, the Senate, Peter Hotez, and the Ethan Lindenberger hoax. What a kick in the nuts that time was. I was dizzy from the chaos. 

But there was a day in April that I called my friend Louise at Fearless Parent about the whole mess and her tone took my breath away. “What a beautiful awakening this is,” she said. “Look how many people are hearing about us for the very first time. What an incredible gift Adam Schiff has given us. Our books are selling out.” 

She reset my perspective completely. We had a lovely conversation about the universe always conspiring in our favor and how all is exactly as it should be. And from that moment onward I graciously accepted these gifts as New York children got kicked out of school and Colorado and Washington State barely escaped by the skin of their teeth. The great awakening was underway. 

How many of us are there?

Have you heard that the number of completely unvaccinated American children has quadrupled between 2001 and 2017? We now have up to 1.4% of children receiving absolutely no vaccines. That’s 56,000 new babies every year with nada in the vaccine department.  

Add into that the number of parents who selectively vaccinate, and those who started vaccinating but stopped. 

Keep in mind that vaccine uptake rates have several factors—religious, personal, and medical exemptions make up 1 to 2% of the shortfall of the numbers I’m going to show you in a bit, but the rest of it is the non-compliers. These are people who aren’t vaccinating their kids on schedule, or at all, and are sending their kids to school anyway and ignoring the calls from the school nurse. No one ever talks about the non-compliers in bill hearings, do they? It takes being able to play chicken with the school and say, “Go ahead, I dare you to kick my kid out.” 

The media likes to say that non-compliers don’t have access to or awareness about vaccines, but I don’t buy that. Uninsured children, and kids on Medicaid, are eligible for free vaccines and have been for decades. Any parent who sees a nurse or pediatrician is completely aware of vaccines. We are told that poorer and inner-city mothers don’t have access to vaccines but that’s simply nonsense-- many of them are making an informed decision (informed by their own experiences, family, friends and neighbors) to decline the vaccines. 

How many does it take to tip? 

Researchers at the Social Cognitive Networks Academic Research Center have looked into this tipping point issue and claim that it takes only 10% of a population to hold an unshakable belief before the majority of society is triggered to adopt that belief. 

I disagree that such a blanket statement can be made.

10% of the population isn’t the tipping point threshold with every issue. If the issue has a tightly-controlled narrative, or an “official story,” such as the age of the Egyptian pyramids and how they were built, or whether our government is in possession of alien aircraft or bodies, 10% of the population holding the unapproved opinion is not enough to effect change. Governments, media, and academia all act as gatekeepers to information and official stories and beat down voices that dare to dissent from their consensus. The people must be an empowered 10%.

By way of example, 20% of Americans already believe that aliens have visited Earth but it hasn’t tipped the beliefs of the majority. This is because the media mocks and embarrasses people who speak out about alien life (sound familiar?) and amplify the narrative that anyone who claims to have seen aliens is an inbred hillbilly who took a probe up the butt. 

And who has proof to show them otherwise? No one. Except maybe Bob Lazar

How much do we need for our cause? 

I’m going to make a guess, only because I’ve been in this fight a few years and read a lot, for no other reason. I think 10% of the population sharing our concerns and rejecting certain vaccines is not high enough and I think 25% is more than we need. 

My money is on 18%. If we can get 18% of empowered Americans to stand up with us on the key vaccines, we will win this fight over mandates without exemptions once and for all. 

Remember, the battle is strictly about: 

· Measles

· Pertussis 

· HPV 

· Influenza

It’s only about these four infections because that’s what the media is instructed to make the public care about. Once we get the parents of 18% of kids to join forces on just these four those vaccines, we have got this won. 

So where are we at?

Here are some 2017 stats (the latest we have) on infant and toddler vaccination to show you where our numbers are at currently for rejecting selected vaccines:

· 6% of infants have parents who didn’t get them all 3 doses of the DTaP, and 17% have parents who didn’t get the 4th dose for them. 

· 8.5% of toddlers have parents who reject the MMR completely

· 8.6% of infants have parents who didn’t complete or start the hepatitis B series. 

· 24% of newborns have parents reject the birth dose of hepatitis B. 

· 27% of infants have parents who rejected the rotavirus vaccine. 

· 39% of toddlers have parents who reject the second dose of hepatitis A and 14% of their parents rejected both doses. 

Did you see that? 27% of infants don’t get the rotavirus vaccine! Where are the headlines about poopy diapers and butt rash? There are none because it’s not a hot-button vaccine. Hell, if we wanted to mobilize to get rotavirus taken off the schedule we probably could at this point, its reputation is so terrible. 

Furthermore, the percentage of parents who don’t comply with the entire combined 7-vaccine series for their infants was at 27.8% in 2015, the year before Vaxxed came out. By the end of 2016 the rejections had risen to 29.3%, and by the end of 2017 the parents of 29.6% of infants were out of full compliance.

30% is a huge number. But again, they’re not all empowered parents, not all of them have the same reasons for not complying, and it’s not 30% rejecting every vaccine in the series. 

It’s gets worse (really it gets better)

Rejection is far more pronounced with the HPV vaccine. That’s why the events in New York-- losing the exemption and then facing HPV and flu vaccine mandate legislation-- later have been so critical to reaching the tipping point. These two bills have been the greatest of all of 2019’s gifts. 

The HPV vaccine is detested in America. 

35% of 15-year old girls were never vaccinated with even one dose of HPV vaccine in 2016.

44% of 15-year old boys were never vaccinated with even one dose of HPV vaccine in 2016. 

55% of early teens who received one dose of HPV were still not up-to-date with two doses by their 15th birthdays. 

The numbers show that the highest unvaccinated rates for HPV are in non-Hispanic whites, but the teens who live below poverty have significantly higher vaccination rates than the teens who are at or above poverty. Pretend you hear me clapping between words when you read this: being poor does not hinder access to vaccination.

There is also massive rejection of the flu vaccine: 36% of kids 6 months to 17 years have parents who refused the flu vaccine in 2018-2019. The parents of toddlers reject it 26% of the time and the parents of teens reject it 48% of the time. 

These are your people! Go find them! 

What do we do with this information?

We’ve already got the tipping point numbers we need in the anti-HPV and flu vaccine crowd. They are not having those vaccines! Surely a great many of them are empowered parents and we are across that 18% line. Once we fully educate these parents on the pertussis vaccine and measles, they can do the rest of the work for us. They can file exemptions, pull their kids from school, write letters to the editor, testify, go on the news, tell off their legislators, protest at the state house. 

There’s no need to overwhelm our newcomers with hepatitis B and chickenpox talk, it isn’t necessary. The media isn’t writing about those infections. Flu, HPV, measles, whooping cough. That’s it. Stick to the script. 

Here’s how you hook them: constantly promote the messaging that as soon as laws are passed to remove exemptions for the childhood schedule, mandates for flu and HPV vaccines will immediately follow. Point to New York as proof. 

In New York State there were all of 120 days between the childhood exemptions being removed and the legislation to mandate the HPV vaccine being introduced. Legislators will waste no time making this a reality in every state that loses exemptions. 

So what do you say?

There are three major points to know for whooping cough (pertussis) vaccine:

1. The pertussis vaccine makes kids sick. Children vaccinated with the DTaP and Tdap become more susceptible to contracting mutated pertussis for their lifetimes. 

2. Protection created by the pertussis vaccine is incredibly short. Kids vaccinated with acellular pertussis are susceptible to developing pertussis after just one year because the vaccine wanes. 

3. No one is helping their community by vaccinating themselves for whooping cough. The CDC admits there is no such thing as “herd immunity” created with the pertussis vaccine because it spreads so easily, the vaccine wanes, and the acellular vaccine can’t prevent the bacteria from colonizing in the nose. 

And here are three points to know for measles vaccine: 

1. The measles vaccine failure rate is so high that we will never meet the made-up number for "herd immunity." 7% of people don’t make antibodies to the measles vaccine with one dose, and almost everyone born before 1990 has had only one dose. A second dose creates antibodies in some of those non-responders, but only for a short period of time. So, we as a society will never be above a 93% vaccination rate because of this primary vaccine failure. 

2. Antibodies from the measles vaccine don’t last forever in everyone. Protection drops drastically after the first decade, even more so after 16 years. Getting a third dose of measles vaccine isn’t recommended because it doesn't stimulate the body to make long-lasting protection. 

3. The use of the measles vaccine has destroyed our natural herd immunity to measles. This herd immunity meant that infections peaked only every three years, and that our most vulnerable members—infants—had maternal immunity protecting them until they were older. The average age of infection was 10 years old. Because we destroyed herd immunity with the vaccine, measles has now become a very serious concern for our little ones. 

These last three months have picked up momentum that we have never seen before. On September 24 a crazy NBC reporter named Brandy Zadrozny decided she would play whack-a-mole with post-vaccination SIDS death and put deceased infant Evee Clobes in the national spotlight. On November 1, Bill Maher hosted Dr. Jay Gordon and left him riff on vaccines uninterrupted. On December 5 parents all across New York pulled their kids from school to protest the new HPV mandate bill and local news covered it extensively. On December 6 Brandy Zadrozny landed Josh Coleman on the front page of NBC—she puts so much energy into hating us that I can’t help but think it’s a well-disguised plan to lend a hand. On December 16 thousands of parents descended on the New Jersey Capitol building to protest removing the religious exemption, stopping passage of the bill at least temporarily, and NBC ran an Associated Press article that didn’t even contain the word “anti-vax.” Just this week on December 17 Bobby Kennedy was given 20 uninterrupted minutes on notorious pro-vaxxer Adam Carolla’s show to talk about vaccine dangers. The next day, Deepak Chopra, who has never publicly sided with us, tweeted a Sherri Tenpenny article to his 3.3 million followers. 

Do you feel this energy shifting? You know we’ve got this, right? Now go out there and snag yourself some HPV and flu vaccine refuseniks and recruit them to our cause. 

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