We Are Here For You!
I'm Mark Anthony and I relaunched the podcast as a solo venture in 2016 to include more interviews and views about Las Vegas and beyond by the people who make Las Vegas tourism work. 

The "beyond" part is a result of listener feedback and the wanting of more information about what to do and see that is beyond the Vegas Strip.  So we decided to up our game and start to add videos to the mix.   

Patreon is a way to help fans of the show donate and to offer their support in this effort.  This helps defray the cost of hosting, producing, travel and equipment.

Doing so helps give us the time and the ability to dedicate to creating more awesome content.

No real big specials or prizes to those who donate, just a shout out when possible, maybe a thank-you or an offer to meet up and to join us on one of our adventures.  

If you like the show or just want to offer your support and contribute, I thank you.  

Let us know what we can do to make it better for you. 

Thanks for checking us out.  The Vegas Tourist Podcast