Saturday afternoon getting dressed and packed for my ZINE NOT DEAD VIIII reading. OMG Mowgli is hilarious:

When I arrived at the event I crawled into this chill out chair to ease my nerves! This was my first READING EVER so I was a bit stressed but also I kept forgetting I was doing a reading. 

Doing ZINE NOT DEAD was a life goal for me....!!! Literally the second Matt messaged me asking if I wanted to do the reading I said YES. Probably not cool HAHAHAHA but who cares? ZINE NOT DEAD is awesome.

ZINE NOT DEAD VIIII was hosted at the home of Vam Studio Co. in Humbolt Park. They have another office in LA. They are a video production team comprised of poc, women, and queer-identifying filmmakers. SO COOOL!

New ZINE NOT DEAD hat merch!!!! They come in black and mango.

First up was cartoonist and printmaker Kane Shirley and the lizard's name was Lizzy - brilliant humor comics and terrifying mouth horror at the end:

Next the union stewart/art handler, cartoonist and illustrator Cathy Hannah. Her comics focused on outsider artists based in Chicago and on art history:

Cartoonist and musician Mike Centeno. I loved his interview on Anya Davidson's podcast MINDKILLER and his performance lived up to it:

During the intermission I contemplated the fact that I would be on stage next. I asked my friend Shea if I could have just a sip of her beer. She said, "If you drink any more it will be gone."

I always forget what a ham I am when I get a little bit of attention. There were some minor mishaps. I kicked over a beer the second I sat down at the laptop and the laptop mouse was hard to control but it just didn't matter.

How did it go? During the afterparty I got a very enthusiastic high-five from Conor Stechschulte! We had talked about WE ARE HUNGRY! at the bbq for Chris Day's 69th birthday so I'm glad he got to see it. He said my reading was genuinely creepy which is thrilling coming from the master of horror comics!!!!!!! 

You can experience the website I built of WE ARE HUNGRY! here. Thank you to H. Tweedell for doing an Instagram story of my reading.

Next up was my roommate the cartoonist and freelance illustrator Iona Fox! I like how Brad and Matt paired us up :) Iona read comics from Almanac 2017 which is distributed through Radiator Comics. Moon Peen was my favorite. 

Funniest cartoonist of the night...well we all knew going into it who would win that award! Alex Nall, Alex Nall, Alex Nall :)))) 

Alex is a teaching artist. His first graders' comics had me in stitches!!!! I am envious of their ability to be completely insane: 

The evening ended with two Zine Lords descending upon Matt and Brad's deadly sword fight. One demon lord was Max Morris and the other was Anya Davidson. Their voices were terrifying!!!! It was rad.

In case you're wondering we voted to kill them. At the after party the Zine Lords gave me rave reviews for WE ARE HUNGRY! which was thrilling.


<3 <3 <3 !!!