We are live!
So it has been some time since I have posted on The Golden Cartridge. After some discussion and spending plenty of time with my little one, I have realized that the website needs to organically grow into something I love! Doing so, things will change! More opinions and adventures, just a website I always wanted. It will be pretty free flowing due to the nature of everything! The Golden Cartridge is something more than just games, it is basically the holy grail of something! It is what you want it to be! My family and I will be going to Ren Faire this weekend in socal so I will have a post about that! Any convention that we can get into, I will get into that! I love horror genre and haunted houses so lets see more of that too! Lets grow this! I also started the twitch stream up at twitch.tv/rynodynosaur! Support the stream and lets make awesome things happen! Super happy to grow this website into something awesome!