We are LIVE! :)
2016 is here and with it comes many new changes. This will be the year of the highest quality tutorials I've ever put out. I've upgraded my hardware and everything needed to have good audio/video/bandwidth is in place. I've been interacting with you guys and we've reached over 1,100 subs on youtube. Things are beginning to get real active. The new MV Engine is so powerful now that it's powered by JavaScript a whole world of possibilities have opened up and I want to help you realize you dream of making a marketable video game. It's never been more easy than it is right now to start with a small team or even by yourself and turn ideas into a game that the world will love and remember (and pay for). You can get your project greenlit and on the steam list quickly if enough people are interested in it. The best part is you won't need to hire a whole team of people, Undertale was made by one person and now it's made millions.