Tier Benefits
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Pledge $0.01 or more per month
Patrons Only
Under the hood
$1 or more per month
Get a unique perspective on the process.
  • This basic level gets the machine running again
  • Bonus access to monthly "behind the scenes" podcast
  • Surprise extras
  • the Harvey Patreon Special Edition eBook
It Happened in a Flash
$3 or more per month
Content, content, content
  • Access to the Trance Season 1
  • Access to Far Stones Season 1
  • Eden:Eternity early access! (Coming soon!)
  • Access to Friday Flash Fiction

Exclusive Access and e-Reads
$5 or more per month
Exclusive fiction and freebies
  • Exclusive and select early reads and listens
  • Annual eBook Compilations of the audio releases
  • Early access to new podcast fiction 
  • Select Live Streams
  • Select Videos

Reach Out and Touch somebody
$10 or more per month
Let's get personal
  • Sit by that phone, because after three months I'm calling you to say thanks
  • Join my monthly Google Hangout session to discuss my books, my progress, upcoming projects, etc...
  • All previous rewards


Signed books OR Writing Feedback
$25 or more per month
A little something for everybody (after 3 months)
  • Want some creative insight on a project you're working on? Send me a piece or excerpt (not to exceed 1200 words) and I'll happily give you my take
  • Or one signed and personalized copy of a previously published work
  •  Early reads--the good, the bad, the ugly. Hot off the press excerpts, the proto-stuff 
  • All previous rewards

Creative Consultant
$50 or more per month
Once a month, meet with me on Google Hangouts where we will discuss my works-in-progress.  This is your chance to weigh in on the action and provide thoughtful feedback. Be a part of the process!
Cashing Burning a Hole?
$100 or more per month
Cash burning a hole in your pocket?  At this level, you get to meet with me (live via phone, interwebs, in person) to work on *your* writing.  Limited to pre-agreed hour limit per month. All previous reward levels in full effect!  Surprise extras. 
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