We are Magical Girls Now! (also Grim City's last text is finished)
I cannot drink enough vodka to make up for this.

That aside, I finished the text before the end of the week as promised, I actually wanted to be done even earlier and surprise you guys with that, but real life drama made me completely forget about that (don't worry though, everything's fine now).

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If you're willing to give me any money at all you're already a cool dude (or dudette) in my books, I wish I could give you more back than I already do.
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Some people ARE actually willing to give me 5 per month, it was a welcome surprised.

You're appreciated boys and girls.

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10 dollars would mean that thanks to you I can literally eat for half a week, I like to cook (it's cheaper than buying pre-made food) so I'll be thinking of you as I stand in the kitchen and burn myself.
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