We Are Now Surrender Comics! (Formally Inside Surrendering)

We said big changes were coming in 2016, and we meant it!  

Hello everybody! we sincerely hope that you all have been enjoying a blessed New Year thus far. We certainly have been! 


Late last summer, right around the time that we first launched our Patreon, we announced our intention to shift the direction of our ministry toward the production and publication of comics. We haven't looked back since! Though it's taken longer than expected, our first official comic Ransomed Wings is closer than ever to it's debut release. We've also been talking with like-minded creators and artists who have expressed interest in having their comics published by our ministry!  

(More info on that later~) 


With all of this in mind, and with much prayer and thought, we came to the conclusion late last year that a name change was in order for our ministry. We wanted the new name to be something unique and easily recognizable, while keeping with the theme of Surrendering to Christ. At the same time we wanted our new comic creation/publishing focus to be clear. 

We settled on Surrender Comics

We realize not everybody will like the change, some of you might even be confused by it or think the change is unnecessary.  

You're more than welcome to form your own opinions about the new name, but we are confident that this change is the right one, and we have no regrets! 
So, with our new name established, we march forward into 2016. This is going to be our biggest year yet!  

So whether you're new to our ministry, or you've stuck with us from the beginning, we hope you'll look forward to everything that's to come in 2016! God bless!! 


PS. Since you're already here, why not head over to our new website and check it out! It's shiny~ 

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