We are now the official Podcast or /r/NoSleepTeams!
Hey guys! I know we don't post here enough, but we have some exciting news! We are now the official Podcast of /r/nosleepteams over on Reddit! If you don't know, there is a place where anyone can sign up to join a team of other Redditors that will all contribute to a horror story piece by piece. Each round, a captain is chosen and teams are assigned at random. Then each captain names their team, their story and starts it for everyone. And the captain then posts the story (after each team member has provided a part to it) under a throwaway account.

The winner of each round is determined by the most popular story out of all of the teams. This is really exciting because Sailor and myself have participated in two rounds now, and would love to help this little competition grow! We are really looking forward to bringing the past winners to life and also help spread the word of this awesome project! Look forward to even more big stuff coming from Irrational Fears in the future!