We are off to a great start thanks to you!
Dear Patrons,

We have been overjoyed and overwhelmed by the huge outpour of support, touching personal messages and just to see you all so happy that we're back.

First of all we would like to voice our amazement at your generosity. We knew that a lot of you expressed a desire to help us so we had expected to raise a few dollars in the first week.

What we *didn't* expect was to reach our long term goal of getting a 3DIO microphone into the hands of one of our voice actors fully funded in less than 30 hours after launch! After the news had sunk in we picked our jaws off of the floor and got back to work with redoubled efforts.

The truth of the matter is that we never left, we've been working tirelessly since the first episode came out and there is a lot happening in the background that is not yet obvious to the public. For one thing we will soon go official which voice actors we've enlisted and a more detailed plan about what we have around the corner.

What we are also doing is to sort out how we are going to handle the perks because we want to give something back to you have donated to us so generously. However when we first sat down and looked through the list of all the fun perks we had put together it looked like it would take almost as much time and effort as the episodes themselves and that it would slow down the process a lot.

Consequently we have decided to take some time to think this through. Don't worry though, these new perks will come and be ready long before the next episode launches, you will all be informed well ahead of time.

We are so invigorated by all that is happening right now, both official and behind the scenes. Even so I'm fully confident when I say that the best is yet to come. 

And it is all thanks to you.

 - Void Whisperer, Lead Writer for the PonyASMR Project.