We are re-structuring our Patreon
Howdy everyone!

This is an important notice from all of us at Top 5 of Death. We have decided that we need to re-structure our patreon to better suit the needs of our listeners, as well suit the ability to fulfill our side of this incredible journey. With that being said, we are dropping our individual bonus shows. and starting in June, will be offering  a new weekly show to all $5.00 patrons. If you already subscribe at the $10.00 level, please edit your pledge. You can give us $10.00 if you think we are worth that and still enjoy all the benefits. This is much easier on all of us. We will be able to record episode of this new show every week, the same time we record Top 5 of Death. The extra schedule has pretty much been impossible. We apologize if we have let you down. This is all a learning process for all of us, and we have learned a valuable lesson.

So, please edit your pledges ASAP. We want to have everyone stick with us, and hopefully grow at a more suitable pace. One that we, ourselves can keep up with. 

This all goes into effect beginning in June.

Thanks. Die.