We bear news: a GizLie Exhibition!
Dear Patrons, 

We are excited to share with you a big news for us: we are going to have our very first exhibition in Reims- France, for a month in January 2018!  

As you've probably noticed this first year, some themes are dear to our hearts as they mirror our reality: creativity, distance and friendship.  

So it's very naturally that we have decided to work on those topics for our exhibition. What does it mean to create in one country or another? How do you co-create when you're separated by thousands of kilometers? And how two different sensibilities can mix or separate on a piece...  

We have lots of ideas, in the next few months we're going to discover which one will make it to the wall!   

We'll share more as we advance in our project!!!!  

Til soon,  

Gizem & Nathalie  

picture from @gizem.evcini