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We Can Move On
Something that always gets to me at the end of every good concert is that feeling of "It's Over." It's the same feeling I get at the end of every convention weekend… this sense of sad parting, as though it will be an eternity before we can make this happen again.

And even if we do, it will never be the same experience.

It used to feel like I was walking off that stage alone, like a bunch of strangers and I had gone through heaven and hell together and at the end of it we just went our separate ways. But I like to think of it as lighting a torch to carry to the next adventure. We can't all go home together, but we can all take a piece of the experience with us and incubate that feeling until we meet again.

At the end of a good show, we've all been changed a little. Sometimes it's breaking things down, sometimes building them up.


So they say this is the end.

Wipe the makeup from my face,

fill my glass and fade away

so someone else can take my place.

It's okay, we'll still be friends.

Sure, I've said that line before,

still it's nice to say once more

even though my voice is hoarse

Watch the magic dissipate as lights come on.

On your breath, a lingering song.

All I have to give is gone.

Gather 'round like fallen leaves;

once the pride of summer's dawn,

brittle flashes come and gone,

now we lie here on the lawn

while the stars who light our way

burn beyond the lives of men.

We will rise with them and then

light the fires of youth again.

To the ashes we return like birds of flame.

Though we've sung the old refrain,

it will never sound the same.


We can move on,

we can move on


We can move on,

we can move on


one more time.

Set my glass upon the bar.

Know this spirit won't pervade—

taste the hour, then let it fade.

Lingering traces, memories made,

curtain calls and kisses blown.

Divvy up the artifacts.

Heaven knows when I'll be back,

out the door into the black

Once again we march into the great unknown

bearing all the will we've sown;

We will never be alone.


Photo by Ian Wynton

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