We can't wait to get started!!
Hey, everybody!! Welcome to the Patreon page for "Prinze and The Wolf." Freddie and I love doing the podcast but we have a hard time keeping it around an hour! Ha! You've listened to the show, so you know why. Because of that we wanted to open up this account to make sure we get to ALL of your emails and questions. 

You all are the most important part of this equation and we didn't want to have to choose which emails to read on the podcast.  We want to read them all so...we will.

Advice, personal questions, suggestions for a Mt. Rushmore, whatever you send in the email, we'll tackle! We're both really excited to start doing these and who knows what tangents your fantastic emails will lead us on! 

We can't wait and thank you for listening to the podcast!!

Freddie and Josh