Thank you, patrons!!!

An anonymous gift has tipped us over the $1500 milestone to fund the Silver Edition! This is incredibly exciting.

Now, the increased pledge is probably only for the next month, so it funds the Silver Edition through August 1 and ensures that the first volume of the Silver Edition is fully funded. This ensures that 'Death Has Come up into Our Windows' will be a beautiful book -- and that it will be coming to you in August!

We're still going to need to raise funds for the months after -- for the rest of the series. But WOW, it feels good to be funded through the next six weeks! I can't even describe how good that feels.

You are each awesome, whether you're a $1 member or a $10 member or a $100 member. I couldn't do this without you.

Here's what's ahead:

* We're going to work to fund the remaining four volumes (September - December) of the series;

* We're going to try to hit $2000/month next: that will allow us to fully fund audiobook editions featuring the lovely voice actress Amy McFadden. One audiobook is already done - 'I Will Hold My Death Close.' Hitting that next milestone will allow us to do the other four.

I feel breathless.

Thank you all so much for being here. Volume 1 is fully funded. Wow, wow, wow. I can hardly wait to get your copies to you!

If you would like to help with the rest of the series and the audiobooks -- no pressure, because you are already here, you are already doing so much - consider:

1) Adding a few dollars to your monthly membership. It goes a LONG way.

2) Inviting a friend to the community who would really enjoy it here. Remember that $2 patrons receive 2 ebooks right away -- that's a wonderful way to get introduced.

Thank you all. You are making a huge difference in my life, in little Inara's life, and I really enjoy sharing these stories with you. Here's to bringing you the new edition!

Stant Litore