Thanks to all 57 generous patrons we reached our Week 2 goal of $750.

My dear colleagues and fellow patrons Dr. Elena Finkbeiner (of Stanford University) and Brad Nahill (of SEE Turtles) now lead the charge in Week 3.

This week's theme is 'The Lover', echoing the third age of water described in Go Deeper. In that chapter I'll describe the important role of water in developing our lifelong love for ourselves, each other and the natural world...along with the neurochemistry of the emotions we describe as love, passion, empathy and romance.

I share Brad and Elena's love of sea turtles and the we'll be hearing a bit about that. And there will be some really great surprises ahead.

Please invite your water loving friends and family members to join this Patreon Campaign. If each of us brings one person aboard we'll reach our next goal easily.

PS I've attached a short clip of Adelita, a sea turtle we satellite tracked from Japan to Mexico twenty years ago. I loved that turtle ; )