We did it!!! Goal #1 reached. NO MORE ADS.
I owe each and every one of you all a huge thanks. With your incredible support, we've reached the first goal on my Patreon page. No more ads on BackcountryBanter.com. As of the end of this month, the site will be ad free! Lets be honest... I don't enjoy ads, and I know you don't either. I never really wanted ads on my website, but for some time they were the only way I could afford to keep it running. Well, no longer! All thanks to your support!

In other news, I am finally getting "settled in" after my move to Colorado. I am beginning work on some DIY projects that were delayed due to the move. Additionally, I'm going to begin work on more videos very soon and hopefully I'll be finishing some of the videos I started before the move as well.

The next goal to reach is a biggie: Better audio equipment. I've been using the fairly horrible microphone built into my laptop to record voiceovers and the slightly incapable GoPro microphone to record video audio. Once this next goal is reached, I'll invest in better audio equipment! No more constant buzzing during voiceovers and much improved video audio quality to boot. (If you have any recommendations in this department, I'd love to hear them.)

Once again, THANK YOU PATRONS! Your support is keeping my content alive and allowing me to take it to new levels of both content and quality.


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