We Did It! Noclip Doc #1 is Booked!
Hello friends!

Two weeks ago today, thousands of you became patrons of Noclip. People around the world tweeted excitement about the project and subscribed to our fledgling YouTube channel . The support for Noclip and confidence in me has been truly humbling. While I've mostly used this Patreon page to post patron-only Q&A's, Google Hangouts, and behind-the-scenes videos,  I wanted this post to go out to everyone. Because at the end of the day, the Noclip documentary shorts belong to everyone, and you've all contributed to our success in your own unique way.

So today, after weeks of planning, emails & phone calls, I'm delighted to announce we have our first confirmation of a filming day at a studio. The first Noclip doc will begin shooting in mid October with an eye for releasing before the month is out. We have other irons in the fire for later in the year, and even 2017, but being able to book hotels and flights right now is incredibly exciting. So exciting that I wanted to share the feeling with you, the people who made it all happen.

I'm going to be keeping a lid on exactly what the project it is until we're actually filming, but I will say it's a wonderful, modern story that has yet to be told. Patrons will get an early heads-up, along with access to our behind-the-scenes videos and more.

Again, thank you all so much for your support of Noclip. I'm still working hard to confirm further shoots for later in the year, but this is an exciting first step on what I believe is an exciting new avenue for video games coverage. 

We're doing it. It's happening.