We Dont Mess About Podcast 026 - Sheep (Drum & Bass / Jungle)
It's been a minute, but we're back with WDMA Episode 026! This mix features some of the best in underplayed breakbeat music, and we're talking about five layers of breakbeats at a time! With music by Dead Man's Chest (aka Eveson), Double O, Macc, Nic TVG and Tim Reaper, you know this mix is good. Check it out for yourself! Track details below.

1. Polar - Another Time [Warm Communications]
2. Plug - Yes Man [Ninja Tune]
3. Dead Man's Chest - Unnatural Mystic [Ingredients]
4. Phuture T - Ominous Maze [Pinecone Moonshine]
5. Double O - Wisen Up [Ruptured London]
6. Macc - Drumslut [Subtle Audio]
7. Equinox - Vivid Dreams [Planet Mu]
8. Dwarde - Something That You Feel [Greenbay Wax]
9. Tim Reaper - Sounds of Life [Bustle Beats]
10. Nic TVG - 09_03_2012 [Pinecone Moonshine]
11. Fanusamurai - Galician Girl [Breakin]

Off Polar's album 'In the End', 'Another Time' starts off the mix proper. The entire album is phenomenal, so I highly recommend checking it out. 

Plug, aka Luke Vibert's dnb alias, and the strange track 'Yes Man' keeps the energy rolling with a track that harkens back to the early 2000's breakbeat styles. This track represents the entire LP it's on, as well as quite a different portrayal of the dnb process.

Yet another alter alias, Dead Man's Chest (Eveson) brand new jungle track from this year 'Unnatural Mystic' brings back all of the early breakbeat hardcore vibes from the late 80's. Not nearly enough people are playing this one, likely due to its slower bpm, but this is one you dont want to pass up!

Off of Pinecone Moonshine, the American drumfunk label, Phuture T's 'Ominous Maze' represents another weird breakbeat track with eerie samples and a crazy jazz horn line. 

Double O has been one of my favorite new age jungle producers for a long time now. His track 'Wisen Up' off the Wisen Up EP on Ruptured LDN combines eerie and dark to create a jungle track that could be straight from Source Direct!

Macc is a master of the drumfunk sound, as exemplified by the layered breaks and atmosphere of 'Drumslut'. Honestly, the title of the track says it all. BIG!!

A little piece of Planet Mu's history can be seen in Equinox's 'Vivid Dreams' which uses an eerie vocal sample and boomy drums to keep the vibe rolling strong. This track is probably one of his lesser known beats, but it certainly stands with the best of them.

Something off of Kid Lib's pet project Green Bay Wax, a label that buys old jungle dubs and releases them to the world along side the freshest in the new age jungle scene, Dwarde's 'Something That You Feel' sounds like it's straight out of '98.

Tim Reaper's 'Sounds of Life', off Subtle Audio's sister label Bustle Beats, brings the arpeggios and more pitched up vocals to this mix in spectacular fashion. When it comes to jungle sounds, Tim is a don. Enough said.

Nearing the end of the mix is a more simplistic breakbeat medly from the one and only Nic TVG. '09_03_2012', which wasnt released until the tail end of 2015, is little more than a horn and a drummer, but exemplifies so much of the beautify within breakbeats and breakbeat culture.

Lastly, an old hip hop kind of beat rounds out this podcast courtesy of Fanu. Little more than a breakbeat and a bassline, and that's more than enough.

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