Dear Daily Fam, 

Hey guys I just want to say thank you to everyone who has become a patron of mine! Soon I wil be revamping the page to include the fact that I also do lets plays! Don't worry! I haven't abandoned making music videos and vlogs! In terms of content it's far easier to create lets plays and it helps to fill the void inbetween creating or covering songs (because if you don't know , production of music is a lengthy process) . In short making game play videos allows my mind to decompress, gives me the opportunity to relax a bit between the super hard stuff and gives you a bit of insight into my wacky thought process. Again THANK YOU TO EVERYONE WHO HAD BECOME A PATRON!!!! Also as soon as we hit 10 patrons we will start up the chats! So be sure to get your friends over here so we can grow this channel to obscene proportions! LOVE YOU!!!

Sean Daily