We Going to Be on Parables.TV!

As many of you know, God Save the King is a project I have been researching and teaching for over 25 years. During those 25 years, I have had the privilege of teaching at least portions of GSK In Colombia, Nigeria, and India, as well as the full version across the United States. Each passing year yielded new information about what the birth of Jesus Christ really would have looked like if we were to peel away the layers of tradition concealing the truth. 

Even though the birth of Jesus has no legitimate connection to the holiday known as Christmas—it is usually during that season that I get invited to teach GSK at a church or Bible study interested in the subject.

When this happened last Christmas (2016), I knew the time had come to give GSK a serious upgrade and set the wheels in motion to do exactly that—but God had bigger plans. The plan to re-record the audio lectures quickly morphed into a DVD, but it didn’t stop there. My good friend (and producer) Beth Vickers pitched the idea to Parables.TV and they accepted!

Starting in November, God Save the King will be a TV show!

We want to begin filming in just two months, in time for a November delivery deadline. And while a lot of people are volunteering to help, there are still certain expenses that require actual money. So now more than ever, your subscription support on Patreon is crucial because that's how I'm funding this project. If you have not signed-up to become a Patron yet, I encourage you to do so.   

Thank you again for your love, support and prayers.


Tim Keyes

Author, God Save the King