We Got Our Artist!
I can officially confirm that the artist we had at the start is free during the Summer to finish up the rest of the outfits and facial features! We have yet to discuss how many of each facial feature we'll need, but she's confirmed that she can do at least 20 outfits, so once you all get your outfit ideas in, and we create a list of the best 20, we'll start getting them made up (starting on May 10th)! Once that's done, we'll see if that's enough for the starting village, and possibly add a few more if we need too, plus we'll have the donor outfits made up, and the outfit for those of you who help us beta test when the time comes. We are really excited about this news, because it means we no longer have to waste the art budget getting trial avatars that aren't up to standards, and now we can focus all of the budget on getting avatars made up that we will actually use, plus we can move out of the minor slump we where in, and get the Home and Market buildings finished, then move onto the next buildings, maybe the Casino. So keep getting in those outfit suggestions, and expect some awesome outfit artwork in the near future! This Summer is going to be really productive.
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