I always heard about the Ides of March when I was going to school. It was a big deal, almost bigger than Halloween. Now it is just a footnote in my life. When I started looking around for something that was the right color for the day yesterday, I came across this alcohol ink piece I did in the first few weeks. I don't think it is framed. In fact, I think it is just sitting in storage. LOL

That begs the question...how many projects do I have that are in different stages of being finished???? Well, right now, I could probably count them on at oeast one hand.  I keep thinking that I'll do them 1. when winter comes; 2. when I am bored; 3. when I get some time; and a yah, all of these will never happen!

On another subject, I want to share with you another collage....my continuing theme for March. The collage I'll be sharing with you is  this dark green piece. I love it . Hopefully, the attachment comes through.