We have cracked the $200 barrier!
Holy heck!!!!

I don't know what I was expecting when I started this Patreon, but to be honest, Idk if I was ever expecting this! I'm wowed. Thank you all so so so much!

If you're following along, the $200 goalpost is SUPPLEMENTAL COMIC STRIPS! This means I'll be writing side stories for events NOT shown in the initial narrative of The Muse Mentor. Ever wanted to see a cooking lesson between Sam and Mona? Now it's on the table! Do you long to know how Esteban fills his days when not skulking at local eateries and coffee shops? Might be covered! Where was Addy during Bea's concert? We just might find out!

AND THIS ISN'T ALL, I've really got SO MANY ideas for what happens to the group when the camera lens of the main story isn't on them, and I'm excited to flip that around and give you a taste of both things that wound up on the cutting room floor, and also things that I just toss around for fun. These strips will be released exclusively on Patreon for my patrons, so you have a front row seat to the extras. And uh - there aren't any rows of seats, so how about that, huh? Pretty cozy!

I will begin work on the first story this month, but I will admit I'm not sure how long it will take, or what format I will choose for it. It's gonna wind up being whatever works basically, haha. HOWEVER... I would love to hear who you're itching to see more of...