We have a new member of our soul family!
 By Gabriel Heartman

We have a new member of our soul family! Her name is Bella. She is a smartphone and she will play a big part of our arising call to serve more and more love both abroad and local. 

Due due aging and broken phones, we were in much need so that we could have something to connect us locally. This was made possible by all the generous donations to our group calls and the rising number of those who have been drawn to our hearts and souls through sessions. 

Serving love is the highest expression of being, whether that is 'self to self' or 'self to other'. To have so much desire to share our passion and have it received in kind is a gift in and of itself. It then translates into material technology that only helps to expand our hearts and arms.

It was bought with the love that was sent to us and that is so much more alive than having put it on credit. This phone represents so much more than a thing. She is made from Gaia in all it's materials even if it is not something we would feel as 'organic'. She has a consciousness and will be loved as such. A true gift of heart from heart passion. Thank you to all of you who have given love in whatever capacity it has been to contribute to this manifestation.

From all of us at SoulFullHeart....Thank You!

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