We have to shut down this Patreon page...
THE BAD NEWS: Basically, people are using fake credit cards on our Patreon page and getting rewards for free. Generally with most rewards that wouldn't be an issue because all we would have to do is wait until the payment is verified before we give the rewards out, however Discord role rewards are automatic and Patreon automatically gives out the Discord role as soon as there's payment information even if it isn't verified or hasn't gone through and there's no way around that. Unfortunately pretty much all of our rewards revolve around Discord roles and a lot of people are taking advantage of us. It's not fair to us or the people who are legitimately paying for their rewards. Because of this we are pretty much left with no choice but to shut down this Patreon.

THE GOOD NEWS: We will be migrating some of the rewards over to TeraBrite Games YouTube sponsors and also throwing in a couple more rewards that you will love... It costs $4.99 per month to sponsor our YouTube channel (which is essentially the same price as our lowest rewards tier on this Patreon) and you will be getting better rewards! We are uploading a video to TeraBrite Games very soon officially announcing the rewards and how to become a sponsor of our gaming channel! Look forward to that!

I hope you all understand and we greatly appreciate all of your support. We plan to make it up to you when you all become YouTube sponsors!

P.S. We aren't giving up on Patreon completely though! Maybe one day Patreon will figure out a way to fix how Discord works with Patreon and we will reconsider, but for now I think YouTube sponsors is the way to go! Also, we plan on eventually launching a Patreon for our music YouTube channel TeraBrite since that wouldn't require any Discord stuff. Stay tuned!